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Time to change it up--change is the only constant you can rely on! Buckle up for some spiritual experiences that will transform your entire being from the inside out. Soul Stretch guarantees real, lasting transformation at the level of your Soul. It's the deepest form of inner alchemy that occurs when you learn to process, feel and heal emotions trapped in your body.
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Sarah Who?

That's what my 4 older sibs have called me since Mom and Dad brought me home from the hospital. We were a chaotic bunch of nutballs, sometimes still are. I lived the definition of insanity until I woke up, got my head outta my ass and became a personal responsibility zealot. I started a daily practice and transformed myself from renting a room in the crawl space of rock bottom to creating a life I don't need a vacation from. I've done a shit ton of research and real life practice in making super bad decisions and playing the victim so you don't have to. I've got the soul of an angel, the skillz of a wizard and the mouth of a sailor. That's a badass trifecta, making me the perfect guide by your side for this wild and wacky journey you're on. 

I've combined 9 years of transformational coaching experience--driven by early childhood sexual abuse, addiction and divorce ; certified yoga practice--driven by the dark night of my soul/nervous breakdown, whatevs you wanna call it; and energy work--driven by a profound spiritual awakening, to help you get out of your head and start living your soul's purpose. I manifest at the speed of light and bring the spiritual to the mundane through soul work at private retreats, online classes and energetic healing sessions. No matter where you are in this now moment, I'm right here holdin' the light so you can find your way. You've heard of heaven on earth, now let me show you how to create it!

More ways to work together!

  • Small Group Soul Retreats

    Disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and reconnect with the real you. Experience sacred discussion and ceremonies designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you. Hike in nature. Snuggle up in the gazebo at the spring fed pond. Indulge in fresh, gourmet meals prepared by your private chef. Calm your mind, still your body and hear the song of your soul.

  • Private Holistic Healing Retreats

    Ready for a date with your dark side? Imagine being immersed, uninterrupted for 3 days to heal your soul. Learn tools that will heal core wounding, save your sanity and set you free. You have everything you need inside you, and I'll be by your side to help you remember. Daily meditation, journaling, breath practice and yoga set the pace for each day.

  • Soul Stretch Zoom Class

    Join me via Zoom on the 3rd Thursday of each month. The hour practice is designed to declutter your mind, activate your energy and raise your awareness. You'll experience journaling, simple breathing practices, gentle grounding yoga, and guided meditation. All you need is an open mind, a journal and pen and a willingness to let go of self limiting beliefs. Click here to get the link:

Just sayin'...

Dr. Michael Galambos

Working with Sarah and creating daily, sustainable balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion can change your life and the lens through which you perceive your world. Utilizing a unique combination of therapeutic yoga, life coaching and empathic/intuitive energy work Sarah helps clients identify the origin of symptoms, drop self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns while fast-tracking forward movement. She facilitates the client’s mastery of emotions rather than emotions mastering the client. Sarah understands the intricate balance of traditional medicine and alternative healing. Schedule an appointment if and only if, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready to make lasting, healthy changes in your life. Do not plan on superficial interaction~your experience will be profoundly life changing. You will be able to achieve harmony and deep inner peace, increasing your ability to live life on life’s terms. The patients I have referred to her are well on their way to living authentic, balanced, joyful lives.


I learn from you every time I’m with you. You’re a role model for making good choices and following them up with the right actions so you can stay on your desired path. I so admire your self-awareness and perseverance. It keeps you centered in the middle of the road, regardless of circumstances or emotions. You have the tools to keep coming back to a place of peace and contentment, and you use them well. You know what to do, you do it, and you have a genuine desire to pass it on to others. I’m honored to share this journey with you, my friend. Sharing our experiences and learnings is how we all grow better together.


So appreciate Sarah as she has worked with me with the power of Reiki and physical touch to facilitate healing both physical and emotional challenges. Her intuitive guidance shows up in the form of angels and allows her healing to be more pinpointed and free of human static. Grateful!


Sarah is attentive, knowledgeable and delightful during our sessions. She is excellent at moving clients out of their heads and into their hearts. She uniquely combines yoga, energy work, meditation and life coaching to channel the mind and body out of flight or fight mode and into a deep state of relaxation. We have been working together for a year now~I am currently off all prescribed medications and my blood pressure is the lowest it has been in years! Sarah has helped me to unplug, recharge and step back into my power. Making and honoring the commitment to this deep level of self-work is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself!

D. Wesley

Sarah, thank you so much again for an amazing weekend! You were right, I was most definitely activated.I just had a really good and honest conversation about my dad pretty much recapping everything we worked on over the last two days. I think I’m starting to mend some of the wounding I’ve experienced with him over these past 8 or so months. He would have loved the retreat. He reminds me a lot of Michael actually. We talked about living with love, helping people, and being aware of the synchronicity that we experience in our daily lives. I know he loves me and my heart feels so much more love for him, you, myself, and my life. We both agreed that everything happens for a reason and at the end of the day all we are left with is our choices. Thanks so much again. Much love ❤️

Georgia Fields

I came to this retreat with an open mind--no expectations. Michael and Sarah opened their door and I received happiness, comfort and joy. I felt safe, cared for and included. I could listen or speak easily. Each movement through sessions felt effortless for the facilitators as well as the guests. The immersion of nature inside and outside the home created a sense of peace and connection. My soul felt energy I didn’t know existed. Our bodies felt full of food my mouth had never tasted. We challenged ourselves. We accepted ourselves. We learned tools that made us feel capable of a smooth reentry to our everyday lives. If you are ready to see yourself this retreat gives you a peaceful way to peak inside.

Shelley Rahiya

Sarah is a wonderful conduit to a spiritual awakening! She brings a beautiful way of learning about oneself and being present to this moment. She has attracted so much love and light into her life and her people and surroundings that is beautiful and engaging. If you’re looking for a spiritual advisor to help you find your center and being beauty back into your life, please reach out to Sarah!


Last weekend my husband and I had the privilege of attending a Soul Stretch retreat at Sarah's mountain hideaway in north Georgia. What an awesome experience! From the warm greeting upon arrival to the wistful goodbye at departure, we felt Sarah's love and positive energy, as well as that of her Soul Stretch team--they definitely live up to the title “guides by your side!” Sarah led us through insightful writing experiences, simple breathing exercises, gentle, grounding yoga sequences, and discussions of our spiritual path and growth. She was very candid about her own experiences and spiritual journey, and always put us at ease. I experienced a shift in my growth and awareness that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on my own. Michael provided insight into the science backed health benefits of mindfulness and spiritual awareness. He’s an expert hiking guide, fire starter and all-round nice guy. And the food—we could definitely taste the love in the healthy, delicious meals prepared by “Sister Kate,” our in-house chef. Their cottage nestled in the woods, surrounded by 150 acres of wilderness, is deceptively charming and cozy. The screened in gazebo on the spring fed pond is a perfect place to relax and read my book, paddle board and practice the tools we learned. The hikes were varied, and we loved exploring the back country of North Georgia. Everyone felt completely at home and enjoyed all that was offered, it’s the PERFECT retreat for spiritual travelers. Can't wait to come back!

Jen Pines

Soul Stretch Retreats is an AMAZING gift anyone can gift themselves. The calm and comforting atmosphere in the mountains of Blue Ridge lends itself to a weekend of self exploration, learning about mind, body, soul and spirit. It allows you to detox from the everyday and really connect to your higher self. Sarah brings so much knowledge to the weekend and her Authentic Self opens you up to so much learning and healing. You may walk into the weekend alone, and you will walk out with a Soul Family!

Linds Pines

This retreat was life changing. At seventeen years old I joined this retreat with my Mom. I of course was hesitant but I went along… It was the best choice I had made. I never thought I’d understand myself so fast in a short period of time. Sarah and Michael taught me so much about me and my choices. Not once did I feel misread or bored, there’s always something to learn and do! I made lifelong friendships and built a stronger relationship with my mom. I’m so happy my mom brought me along for the journey! Sarah’s skill and talent is pure and strong. She takes care of all of us like we are her family. Now we are a Soul Family. I will forever love my Soul Sisters.

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